With proper training, Botox treatments can be very easy to give and can yield rewarding results for your patients on a variety of facial regions.

The procedures themselves are simple but finding out the laws in your specific state regarding who can give Botox injections can be more complicated.

So, how do I get trained to give Botox? Are there certification courses for medical professionals? Here’s the scoop!

Depending on My Location, How Do I Become Certified as a Botox Provider?

The first step is to contact your state’s licencing board and find out what qualifications you need to get certified to give Botox. You may also want to consult with a medical malpractice attorney on your state’s Botox laws. 

In some states, you may be able to provide treatments as a registered nurse with a physician’s oversight. But, in other states you need to be a nurse practitioner, medical doctor, dentist, or physician’s assistant to provide treatments.

In Maryland, you must be a licensed RN, NP, PA, MD, or DDS to become certified. Once you know that you are allowed to give injections in your state, you should then find a Botox training course that allows you to get certified.

What Does One Learn When Training to Give Botox?

In your training, you will learn how to recognize a good candidate patient, how to communicate with patients, and facial anatomy in relation to injections, as well as experience practice with actual injections.

Most courses that certify you in Botox application will take about two days.

How Do I Get Trained to Give Botox That Is High Quality in Maryland?

How do I get trained to give Botox, so I can provide amazing Botox results to my clients? It’s as simple as making a phone call to Aesthetic University!

We offer a thorough 2-day Botox beginners class as well as a number of well designed advanced classes once you want to expand your existing skills.

Call the Aesthetic University at 240-499-8854 today to find out which class is right for you.