PDO Thread Training

PDO Thread Certification Course 
The PDO Thread Certification Course is taught by our master threads trainer and designed for medical professionals interested in integrating this minimally invasive procedure into their practices. Participants must be a licensed RN, NP, PA, MD, or DDS to attend. The specialized hands-on training promises to equip interested practitioners with the specific knowledge needed regarding determining which patients will best benefit, proper thread placement, anatomical considerations, pre-/post-procedure care, as well as branding and marketing of PDO threads. Our goal is to effectively enable all attending practitioners to implement this new, high-demand procedure safely upon completion of training. 
Our Hands-On PDO Training Course Includes: 

· Informative didactic on PDO threads 
· Hands-on experience with each facial area 
· PDO procedure 
· How to brand and market threads to your clients

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