With proper training, Botox is a simple procedure.

A great thing about injections is that once you learn, understand, and practice the basics of Botox after a beginner course, you can always hone your skills even further by learning specific techniques for different parts of the face.

So, exactly how long is training for Botox?

How Long is Training for Botox For Beginners?

At Aesthetics University, you can become certified in applying Botox treatments in just two days.

On the first day, you will learn about how to determine whether a patient is a good candidate for Botox, how to discuss outcomes with a patient, standards of care for a number of facial zones, and become familiar with facial anatomy in relation to injections.

You will also gain practical experience in applying injections.

The second day will focus on how to apply fillers. You will learn standards of care, facial anatomy in relation to fillers, how to identify ideal candidates, and how to provide quality patient care and communication.

You will also gain hands-on experience with fillers on this day.

How Long Is Training for Botox If I Want to Do Advanced Techniques?

Most of our advanced classes are one-day trainings. We provide classes that focus on lips, advanced neurotoxins, 8-point lift and facial contouring, and temples and tear troughs.

In each of these classes, we provide a Q & A with skilled instructors, thorough power-point presentations, and access to helpful videos.

Where Is the Best Place to Learn Beginner and Advanced Botox Techniques in Maryland?

Whether you are new to the world of giving Botox injections or you’re experienced and want to hone specific skills, Aesthetic University is the place to be!

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We look forward to helping you expand your skill set and income through beginner and advanced Botox training courses!